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 Orders for

Special Occassions

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Whether you are having 10 of 300 guests, we can help to make serving your guests easy!

We recommend placing your order at least one week in advance, but recommend booking as soon as you can as our availability can fill up quickly!

Assorted Trays

Many of our trays can serve between 20 and 50 people. This will depend on the variety of items you have available for your guests, as well as the time of day you plan to serve them.

Vegetable & Dip Tray

Assorted vegetables complete with our Homestyle Dilly Dip

Fruit & Dip Tray

Assorted fresh fruit accompanied by our Homestyle Pina Colada Dip


Pickle & Olive Tray

Assorted pickles accompanied by some olives. These trays go great for cocktail hour!

Pickle & Veggie Tray

A great addition to any meal

(sorry, cheese is not currently available)

Wrap Trays

Chicken Caesar  and/or Turkey Breast with Cranberry Salsa & Cream Cheese

Sandwich Trays

40 Quarters - includes Egg Salad, Salmon, Ham, Summer Sausge or Roast Beef & Cheese

Cold Cuts Meat Tray

Roasted Turkey, Roast Beef, Ham & Summer Sausage

(trays feed 10-20 people)

Onion & Condiments

Perfect for sandwiches - sliced Spanish onions with mustard, mayonnaise & ketchup


Assorted Squares

A variety of squares. We can also add butter tarts too!

Cookie Trays

We have over six kinds of large cookies to choose from!

Main Courses to Heat & Serve

As we require a minimum of 70 guests to cook hot meals, we are pleased to offer alternatives so that you can cook for your guests and we can make it a lot easier! Although we try to accommodate every order, we ask that you order these items well in advance to ensure that they are available!

Pulled Pork

Our juicy and delicious pulled pork has quickly become one of the most popular products we make. It's fairly new for us, but we make hundreds of pounds of it every month! Our pulled pork comes pre-cooked and takes about an hour to heat up. Served on hamburger buns and paired with our creamy coleslaw, it's always a hit for guests!

Jerry's Famous Roast Beef

The roast beef we have cooked since we began and have served at weddings for the past 28 years is now available for you to take home! Available in 5 lb containers, this beef is ready to heat up! Served on hamburger buns, our large container contains 15 - 20 servings.

Beef Lasagna

Another top seller, our beef lasagna is perfect for almost every occassion! Our large lasagna can feed anywhere from 15 to 24 people, depending on what you're having with it. Once thawed, it takes approximately 90 minutes to cook. If you wish to add another option or have any vegetarian guests, our vegetable lasagna is loved even by meat eaters!

Garden Vegetable Salads

Our garden salads come in a black disposable (or reusable!) bowl with a lid. Heritage blend lettuce topped with carrot, cucumber, bell peppers, and cherry tomatoes. Served with our own Homestyle Poppy Seed, this salad is a nice addition to any meal. Each bowl serves 15-20 people.

Also available: Cranberry, Pecan & Apple (or Strawberry - dependant on availability) or Caesar Salad.

Mac & Cheese

Nothing says comfort food like our Homestyle Macaroni & Cheese. Available in 2 or 7 lb pans, this dish makes a great addition to any meal. It's a great alternative for vegetarians and children. Bake for 90 minutes.

Shepherd's Pie

The same great filling found in our meat pies is available in 2 or 7 lb pans and topped with mashed potatoes. Available in both roast beef or roasted turkey. Bake for 90 minutes.

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