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Reeedz BBQ is Deryk's own homemade line of BBQ rubs and seasonings! He has spent years creating these and in 2021 has decided to take them to the next level and begin selling them. They are all natural products, made in small batches and contain no additives, gluten or MSG.

Listed below is his current line!

$7.49 - 5.5oz (100g)

Steak & Burger seasoning is the first blend that Deryk created. This is a Montreal inspired type of steak rub that is excellent on any cuts of beef. One of the many uses of it is in fried potatoes and onions where it add a flavourful boost!

$7.49 - 5.5oz (100g)

Sweet Rib rub is the most popular blend. It is the only one that does contain sugar, but brown sugar is definitely necessary when smoking pork. It can also be used on different poultry cuts to provide that sweeter flavour. It will leave your meat tasting great and give it a fantastic finished colour!

$7.49 - 5.5oz (100g)

SPG or Salt, Pepper & Garlic is that one blend that every household should have! It contains the high quality of Diamond kosher salt that gives it a great flakiness, fine ground black pepper and granulated garlic. You can literally put this on everything, including freshly popped popcorn!

$7.49 - 5.5oz (90g)

French Fry seasoning is my newest and freshest blend. It provides a wonderful added flavour to your french fries, onion rings or any other side dish. Packed with different spices and herbs this one is sure to quickly become one of your favourites!

$7.49 - 5.5oz (90g)

Poultry seasoning is my favourite blend that I make. I don't believe this one gets the love that is deserves. This is another one that has a great balance between both herbs and spices. You can use this on both pork or poultry cuts of meat. If you want more of a savoury flavour rather than sweet, this one is for you!

$7.49 - 5.5oz (90g)

Bold Brisket, the name says it all! Blended mostly of coarse salt and pepper, this is the perfect one for your larger cuts of beef including tri-tip and of course brisket. There are other seasonings added to it as well to help provide your meat an excellent taste and appearance!

Outragin' Cajun Seasoning

$7.49 - 5.5oz. (90g)

Bringing the southern heat to your meat! This cajun inspired rub is bound to give any dish you use it in a big boost. With a little bit of kick, it is sure to become one of your favourites!

$7.49 - 150g

"Get Silly with Deryk's Dilly Rimmer"! A spin off of the classic caesar rimmer. It provides the celery saltiness, flakiness from the kosher salt, as well as some mild flavours from the dill seed. Enjoy this one while enjoying the summer weather on your back yard patio!

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