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About Us

The Rader Family

Jerry Radar - Logo_Red and Black w Shado
Brenda Rader
Jerry's wife & business partner, our mother, and our daily
inspiration for success!

In 1984, Jerry came home from managing the Zurich arena and announced to his wife Brenda that he was going to quit his job and build a shop with a kitchen behind their home in Zurich. 


Jerry's love for entertaining and cooking was his inspiration for his dream - to start a catering company. With the help of family and friends, construction of the shop began.


As more customers began requesting Jerry's homestyle cooking on a regular basis, and purchasing meat pies and salads out of the small shop, Jerry and Brenda decided to take what was now their joint dream, to a new level. In 1996 they built in Zurich, which is now home to the main kitchen and a store-front.


Sadly, after a long and courageous battle with cancer, Brenda passed away in 2012. Jerry stepped back from the daily operations of the business and together their children Cam, Jaclyn & Deryk stepped up to run the family business. This next generation of Jerry Rader's has welcomed growth - having opened a location in Goderich, ON.


The shop where it all started!
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