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Here is our selection of our lunch items 
available for purchase.
Enjoy at one of our tables inside or outside,
or take it to go! 519-440-5151

Cold Salad Plates

This is a great way to sample our salads is and always available.

Click           for a list of the salads we offer.

Choose from one of the following: 


Option #1 - one salad & one meat             

Option #2 - two salads & one meat           

Option #3 - three salads & one meat       

  **add a second meat for $3.00


Chicken Caesar Wraps

Chicken breast with Caesar dressing, parmesan cheese, carrot & lettuce wrapped in a whole wheat or white wrap.



- Cream of Mushroom

- Cabbage

- Turkey Chili


               Soup of the Day


      Served Monday - Friday (11am-2pm)


  For the week of  January 18, 2021













- Tomato Macaroni

- Beef Barley

- Turkey Chili

- Turkey Noodle

- Tomato Macaroni

- Turkey Chili

- Cream of Potato

- Turkey Noodle

- Turkey Chili

- Cabbage

- Cream of Potato

- Turkey Chili

Pre-Made Sandwiches

We make these constantly, throughout the day!


Egg Salad               

Salmon Salad

Turkey Salad (a special recipe using Hayter's turkey!)



Garden Salads

Vegetable Salad with Egg   Or

Cranberry, Pecan & Apple

  • Choose from: Homestyle Poppyseed Dressing, Raspberry Vinaigrette, Balsalmic, Ranch, & Italian Dressing

  • Add chopped ham or turkey to make it a full meal!




Custom Sandwiches & Wraps

Choose from white or wholewheat bread & wraps.


Meat Options:

Roasted Turkey Breast                     

Roasted Dark Turkey                       Turkey Salad

Roast Beef                                           Salmon Salad

Blackforest Ham                                Egg Salad

 Summer Sausage

            (turkey or beef/pork)

Toppings to Choose From:          Sauces/Dressings:     

 lettuce                                                  mustard

 tomato                                                  mayonnaise

 cucumber                                             ketchup

 onion                                                     ranch dressing

peppers                                                 Caesar dressing

dill pickles                                           Italian dressing

parmesan cheese                              Hot Sauce

shredded carrots                              • Cranberries 

sliced cheese

Hot Lunch Menu

 Served from 11am-2pm while quantities last!


All hot lunches include a can of pop or bottle of water.

  For the week of  January 18, 2021



 Monday -


 Tuesday -


 Pasta Bowl -



 Wednesday -


 Thursday -

 Friday -               



Chili Cheese Wedges with a Deli Salad

Lasagna with Caesar Salad

Smoked Stuffed Pork Loin, Oven Roasted Potatoes, and Baked Beans

Turkey Shepherds Pie with Coleslaw

Twice Baked Potato with Sweet Heat Roasted Chicken

Creamy Tomato with Pork Sausage, Mushrooms, and Spinach

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