Baked Goods

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10" Fruit Pies

Dutch Apple ● Strawberry Rhubarb

Strawberry Cream ● Rhubarb Cream

Sour Cherry Cream ● Peach

Peach Blueberry ● Mixed Berry Cream

Blueberry Cream ● Raspberry Cream

Raspberry Sour Cream

Covered Apple ● Covered Cherry

Covered Blueberry ● Covered Raisin

Apple Crumb ● Cherry Crumb

Blueberry Crumb ● Raisin Crumb

10" Specialty Pies

Coconut Cream  Chocolate Cream

Butterscotch  Peanut Butter

Pecan ● Pumpkin ● Lemon Meringue

Loaves & Muffins

Banana with Carmel Icing ● Chocolate with Icing

Rhubarb ● Pumpkin ● Cranberry Orange

Blueberry Lemon Poppyseed

Whole Wheat Carrot with Cream Cheese Icing

And other seasonal kinds!


Assorted Cookies

Chocolate Chunk ● Ginger Molasses  Peanut Butter

White Chocolate & Macadamia Nut ● Monster

 English Toffee Skor

Miscellaneous Baking

Carrot Cake  Apple Crisp ● Rice Pudding

Tea Biscuits Cheese or Lemon Cranberry    Coconut Raspberry Tarts

Butter Tarts Plain, Pecan, Coconut or Raisin 

No-Sugar Added Fruit Pies Strawberry Rhubarb, Blueberry or Apple


Available in Small (serves 8 - 9), 

Medium (serves 16), or Large (serves 32)


Cherry  Blueberry

Lemon Blueberry  Lemon

Mississippi Mud

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